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You can sponsor a child for one year or make a multi-year commitment.


With your annual contribution to this program, we can cover the costs of uniforms, shoes, jacket, backpack, school supplies and books, registration fees and partially support the tutoring program.

Payment in pesos by bank transfer or deposit in Mexico:

Primary school: $3,900 pesos annually 

Junior High School: $4,500 Pesos annually

High School: $5,200 pesos annually 


Payment in pesos via PayPal (includes commission) / Payment in dollars via PayPal (includes commission):

Primary school:$4,095 / USD 240

Junio High School: $4,725 / USD 278

High School: $5,460 / USD 320

Considering that there is strong competition to enter Public Universities due to insufficient quota, you can also support with the preparation course for the exam of  admission to the University of a student in the last year of high school with a contribution of $7,500 pesos /USD $465 .

Tutorial Program

All students in the Sponsorship Program must attend the tutorials we provide, particularly if their grades are low. The subjects covered are mathematics, reading and writing, and English.  


Primary school students attend on Saturdays in the morning, while junior high and high school students attend during the week in the evening.


You can support this program by contributing to the payment of one weekly hour of class to our teachers:


$2,520 pesos  for six months / USD 150 (includes commission)

$5,040 pesos  for one year / USD 300 (includes commission)

Youth choir

This project emerged in 2017, as an alternative for children of families in vulnerable situations from the Cholul, Mérida, Yucatán, so that choral music is the reason for their overcoming and  means of expression to reduce the educational lag and, consequently, improve the living conditions of the community in the medium term.


From a social perspective, the "Silil" Youth Choir has been established as an alternative space for the children and youth of Cholul to use their free time in creative activities, socializing in a healthy environment that keeps them away from gangs and addictions.  


The choir is currently made up of 14 children and adolescents - students between 7 and 14 years of age - who rehearse 4 hours a week in two sessions. The success of their performances has generated expectation and interest from the other boys and girls in the community to participate in it and they are waiting for a next audition call.  

Any amount of donation helps us to keep the activities of the choir going. The total cost of the program is $75,000 MXN / USD 4,432 per year.

Master Class May 2018

General Donation: Any amount / Pesos or Dollars

IMG_1003 ch.jpg
Music program

Given the importance of occupying the free time of children and adolescents in the community in activities that motivate their improvement and improve their development, in the last year this program has grown to offer more opportunities  through the  continuation in the formation of the Silil choir. Before COVID 19, 15 teenagers participated in a guitar and piano workshops that currently require funds to reactivate.    


General Donation: Any amount / Pesos or Dollars

Heading 2

Sports program

The Sports program of EdúcaTE Yucatán AC has been extremely successful for the practice of basketball.

Currently 35 children and adolescents represent the scorpions of cholul with two teams (mixed and male) that participate in leagues and friendly matches inside and outside the community.

The boys and girls train on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. 

Practicing sports promotes their comprehensive well-being in a positive way by developing both physical and mental skills and competencies, preparing them to face adversities and make assertive decisions for the future.


General Donation: Any amount / Pesos or Dollars

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