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Primary school: $3,000 pesos per year  / USD 157 (includes PayPal commission)

High school: $3,500 pesos annually  / USD 183 (includes PayPal fee)

High School: $5,000 pesos annually  / USD 261 (includes PayPal fee)



Tutorials for 6 months:  $1,500 pesos  for six months / USD 80

Tutorials for 1 year: $3,000 pesos  for one year / USD 160


General Donation:  Any amount / Pesos or Dollars


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

To donate via PayPal using your credit card ,  Please use the button above and fill out the form below with your personal information.

To pay by check or by electronic transfer , please take note of the account information given below. After you have made your payment to our account, please email us your scanned or digital receipt and/or your name, date, time, and deposit amount so we can identify your donation. Thank you very much.



Suc. 7009, account. #2657629

in the name of EdúcaTE Yucatán AC

CLABE 002910700926576297

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