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EdúcaTE Yucatán is a non-profit organization that began its activities in Cholul, Yucatán in 2010. 
It was constituted as a Civil Association in 2012 and obtained the Authorized Donataria in 2014 (for Mexico and abroad)  as well as the Unique Registration Key, CLUNI, before the Registry for the Promotion of the activities of Civil Society organizations (Federal and State level).
For 10 years, the City Council of the city of Mérida has provided a space in the Cholul municipal village of Mérida, located in the center of the town (Street 21, 20 and 22), which functions as the organization office where  from then on extracurricular activities for students. Today it also has another classroom for activities.
Our mission

Support the vulnerable school population of the Cholul, Mérida in order to promote their personal development through educational programs that optimize their chances of professional improvement.

Our vision

To be a model of Organization that identifies the human capital of the most vulnerable sector of the community  so that they can access and complete higher education.


1. Develop the potential of local students by strengthening their formal education and culture.

 1.1  Increase the academic achievement of local students.

 1.2  Reduce the level of school dropouts in the locality.

2. Increase the number of students accessing higher education.

3.  Reduce barriers to self-improvement for students such as: early pregnancies, addictions, gender inequality, family and economic problems.

4.  Promote mental health among students and their families, so that they live healthy relationships and promote a culture of peace.

 4.1 Raising the self- eestem of children and young people through culural and sports activities.

Our work

Our working method is organized through programs aimed at eliminating the barriers that limit the comprehensive development of children and youth in the community. Through education they are given the necessary tools to fully develop their potential.

These programs address specific situations to reduce school dropout:  

  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT: The cost of mandatory school uniforms and shoes, books, school supplies, and registration fees exceed the financial means of most families.

  • EXTRA-SCHOOL ACADEMIC SUPPORT (TUTORIALS): Parents' level of schooling is 8 grades, so it is difficult for them to help their children to solve homework, and their work schedule does not allow them to do so.

  • SOCIAL TRAINING: The promotion of content and values for the training of citizens committed to their community and their health in order to generate life projects in the school population.

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT: Attention to the inhabitants of the community, and particularly of diagnosed problems, as in the Secondary level where addictions, bullying, gangs are increasing.  


Cholul is a community located northeast of the city of Mérida, capital of the state of Yucatán, Mexico. It has an approximate population of 6 thousand inhabitants. Most of its inhabitants are of Mayan origin and almost all older adults speak the Mayan language. The most common trades among the residents are masonry and domestic jobs.


Due to its proximity to Mérida, it has become an attractive place to live, so the local urban population, from other states and foreigners is contributing to its accelerated growth.


Cholul has a rich history, since it was built on the ruins of a pre-Hispanic settlement, several vestiges of pre-Columbian constructions have recently been discovered on the shores of the community. The main square is located around a Catholic Church dating from the 16th century, built after the arrival of the Spanish in the region.


Educational services in Cholul include preschool (kindergarten), two public elementary schools in the same building (one in the morning shift and one in the afternoon shift), a general secondary school and a campus of the Colegio de Bachilleres de Yucatán (COBAY).

    Our team




    Aliza Mizrahi  -  Chairwoman


    katrin schikora  -  Secretary

    Anna Garcia  -  Treasurer


    Rosalind Jinich  -  Vocal






    Rocío Regalado  - Primary Mathematics  

    Gaspar Estrella - Secondary and High School Mathematics

    Abraham Quero - Elementary reading-writing

                                   - Secondary reading-writing

    Wilberth Osorno- Reading-writing high school

    Aketzali Chacón - Primary and Adults English

     Ana Fuentes - Primary and secondary English

    Psych. Ileana Barrera - Psychological therapy

    Atahualpa Díaz - Basketball Coach




    Celina Dzul  -  Chief Executive Officer

    "Doña Chula Balché" -  Link with the community

    Ana Fuentes - Evaluation & Impact   


    Mariana Esmorto - Administrative                        





    Jessica Brousseau - Design and web

    Ian Gregory - Photo and Video


    Kiku Tonalle, composition studio - musical theme


    Adán Ayil - Basketball coach

    Luis Valentino - Basketball coach


    Mariana Arrioja - Design


    Psych. Fabiola Echeverría - Workshop kids          


    2015 REPORT  •   download in pdf

    2016 REPORT  •   download in pdf

                         consult our fiscal situation before the SAT | RFC EYU120223UC9


    Cemefi grants the Accreditation in Institutionality and Transparency (AIT) 2022, optimum level.


    BAI Open Arms Foundation Yucatan  •

    Gonzalo Río Arronte IAP Foundation


    Gruber Jez AC Foundation  •


    ANTAL AC Foundation    fb: Antal Health Promotion, AC


    Yucatan 3.0 AC  •  Facebook: Yucatan 3.0


    Central College Merida

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