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It's up to you. 
Program for the prevention of adolescent pregnancy at the Cholul police station, Mérida.

Project nominated by Edúcate Yucatán AC, in alliance with Fundación BAI AC, in the 2019 Health Announcement of the Gonzalo Río Arronte Foundation, IAP.

TÚ DECIDES is a program developed by young people for young people.

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Currently, the second period is running, which includes the 2022-2023 school year. In this, 12 young people from Federal Secondary School no. 7, located in the Prado Norte neighborhood of Mérida, are preparing to become health leaders and become the support of their peers on the issue of sexual health. 

I do take care of myself! 
Education program on sexual and reproductive rights for children and adolescents in order to prevent adolescent pregnancy in Yucatan.

From September to December 2022, 147 fifth and sixth grade boys and girls from the "Agustín Melgar" primary schools in Cholul and "David Vivas Romero" in Sitpach attended the "Comprehensive education workshop, I do take care of myself" in the who knew their rights and acquired tools to prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Since October 2022, 12 adolescent students from the "Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz" tele-secondary school in the Sitpach police station, Mérida are undergoing training on sexual and reproductive rights in order to subsequently replicate,  truthful and updated information to their schoolmates in order to sensitize them in the exercise of a healthy and responsible sexuality for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Both projects it was donestill in alliance with Fundación BAI AC under the sponsorship of the Gonzalo Río Arronte Foundation, IAP

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