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With your annual contribution to this program we are able to cover the cost of school uniforms, shoes, jackets, school bags, school supplies and books, tutorials and enrolment fees.


We offer special tutoring sessions on Saturdays for all primary school children who have sponsors. They are compulsory for all kids whose grades are below a certain level. We also offer English and mathematics tutorials for sponsored junior high school children.


You can sponsor a child for one year or commit to sponsoring him/her for several years.


Primary school: $ 3,000 Mexican pesos / $ 157 USD per year (includes Pay Pal commission)

Junior high school: $ 3,500 Mexican pesos / $ 183 USD per year (includes Pay Pal commission)

High school: $ 5,000 Mexican pesos / $ 261 USD per year (includes Pay Pal commission)


You can also support the training course for entering University or higher education for an outstanding student in his/her last year of high school. The competition for existing places makes it very hard for a student who graduates from the schools of Cholul to obtain a place in University. The pre-university training course helps our students compete for one of these places. In this case the contribution is $ 7,500 Mexican pesos / USD 375 per student (includes Pay Pal commission)



Sponsorship program
Tutoring program

The positive results of the tutorials offered to the children sponsored by the program, combined with the availability of premises, encouraged us to extend this support program to other children in the school, which is why we are initiating tutorials on reading, writing and mathematics for primary school, and English and mathematics for junior high school and high school students.


You can support this program by helping us pay our teachers for a one hour class weekly:


$ 1,500 Mexican pesos / $ 80 USD for 6 months

$ 3,000 Mexican pesos / $ 160 USD per year

SILIL choir

This choir was founded in 2017 to offer a means of self-expression to the children from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the population of Cholul.

From a social perspective, this choir has established itself as an alternative space for the children and young people of the community where they can spend their free time immersed in a creative and highly motivating activity while socializing in a safe and healthy environment, far from youth gangs and other negative influences.

The choir presently has 14 members, ranging from the age of 7 till 14 years. The rehearsals are 4 hours weekly divided into two two hour sessions. Since its creation, the SILIL youth choir has performed several concerts in private and public spaces, including presentations during our two 2018 fundraising concerts featuring professional singers and musicians. 

Due to the choir´s positive impact in the community, we have a long waiting list of children and adolescents wishing to enter our auditions for the next possible date.

Any amount of donation will help us towards paying the yearly cost of operation of our choir which is  

$ 75,000 MXN / USD 3,750 per year.

Master class, May 2018

IMG_1003 ch.jpg
Musical program

Recognizing the importance of creating purposeful recreational opportunities for the children and adolescents of our community by offering them activities that motivate them and support their development, in addition to our SILIL choir we decided to start offering guitar and keyboard classes for a total of 15 students that have been received with great success by our community.

There are currently 15 teenagers and 7 children participating in this program.

Sports program

EducaTE Yucatán´s sports program has become extremely successful in a very short time. In our basketball team, 23 young people are divided in two groups, one for boys and one for girls, under the name of Escorpiones de Cholul (Cholul´s Scorpions). 

These teams have played in a great variety of leagues during the past year, both inside and outside of Cholul. They even participated in a competition in Bacalar, Quintana Roo recently!

In alliance with Scotiabank México we are implementing the program  “Programa extraescolar de educación integral para adolescentes de la comisaría de Cholul, Mérida en el Estado de Yucatán”,  that benefits  70 secondary and high school students. 


Text in Movement

Through arts and performance, Text in Movement classes encourage reading and inspire students to narrate their own stories utilizing different media and techniques such as : paper, walls, color, painting, drawing and collage.

This methodology was developed by Habla, the Language and Culture Center, which for the last couple of years has been training EdúcaTE´s teachers to enable them to help develop critical and creative thinking in students through the use of art and performance.

Mayan language classes

With the collaboration of the ´Academia de la Lengua Maya del Ayuntamiento de Mérida´, Mayan language classes are being offered to the population of Cholul with the aim of keeping this native language alive in the community.

French language classes

Coming soon!

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