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Primary school: $ 3,500 Mexican pesos / $ 217 USD per year (includes PayPal commission)

Junior high school: $ 4,000 Mexican pesos / $ 250 USD per year (includes PayPal commission)

High school: $ 5,000 Mexican pesos / $ 310 USD per year (includes PayPal commission)



$ 2,400 Mexican pesos / $ 150 USD for 6 months

$4,800 Mexican pesos / $ 300 USD per year


General Donation: Any amount / either currency


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

To donate with PayPal using a credit card please click the button above and fill out the form below. To donate by check or electronic transference please use the address below. After having made the payment by electronic transference or deposit, please send us an email with the receipt and/or date, time and amount of payment so that we can identify your donation. Thank you.




Suc. 7009, account # 2657629

at the name of EdúcaTE Yucatán A.C.

CLABE 002910700926576297

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