EdúcaTE Yucatán is a Civil Organization that became active in 2010. We are registered in Mexico as a non-profit organization. Donations to our programs are tax-deductible in Mexico and internationally.
Our Work
Our Team




Katrin Schikora  -  President


Rosalinda Jinich  -  Treasurer


Ana García  -  Secretary


Aliza Mizrahi  -  Chairperson







Rocío Regalado  - Primary school tutoring teacher 

Karen Avilés  -  Mathematics teacher

Maria José Ceh - Text in movement teacher / English

Gaspar Estrella - Natural science teacher

Tommaso Iskra de Silvestre - Text in movement teacher            

Aketzali Chacón - English teacher

Samuel Ojeda - Workshop assistant

Gilberto Caballero -  EXANI II and mathematics teacher

Psic. Ileana Barrera - Psychotherapy

Adán Ayil - Sports trainer


Our work is organized through programs orientated towards the elimination of obstacles that restrict the integral development of children and young people’s abilities, with the goal of ensuring that their education will help them fulfill their potential.


For this we have identified a series of specific problems:


  • The cost of compulsory school uniforms and footwear, books and school supplies, enrollment fee (in the case of high school) exceeds the economic possibilities of many families, which is the reason why there is such a high drop-out rate.

  • There is the problem of malnutrition. A large percentage of children come to school without having eaten breakfast.

  • Many parents have a poor level of education or long working hours so they cannot help their children do their homework or go through topics they find difficult.

  • From junior high school, addiction and bullying have been on the increase.


Based on this diagnosis, we dedicate our efforts and our work to creating programs aimed at dealing with these difficulties and identifying the students with greater needs in order to integrate them into our programs.





Cholul is a community located in the northwest of Mérida, Yucatán (Mexico) and has an approximate population of 6,000 people. Most of its inhabitants are of Mayan origin and the majority of the elderly people speak the Mayan language. 


The most common professions among the inhabitants are construction and domestic work. Because it is so close to Mérida, capital of the State of Yucatán, it has become a very attractive place in which to live, which has contributed to its accelerated growth.


Cholul has a rich history as it was built on the ruins of a pre-Hispanic settlement. Many remains of pre-Columbian structures have recently been discovered on the edges of the village. In the main plaza there is a catholic church from the XVI century, built after the arrival of the Spaniards to the region.


Cholul has one primary school where children can attend classes either in the morning or in the evening, one junior high school and one high school.


















Celina Dzul  -  Program Coordinator

Rosalinda Ché   -  Coordination Assistant

Hermelinda Balché / Doña Chula  -  


                        Community liaison


Anaí Pérez  -  Administrative assistant


Ana Escamilla   -  Maintenance




We also count on the voluntary support of a wonderful group of people, consisting of both adults and young students that contribute to the development of specific activities and projects such as English courses and academic advice. 


Jessica Brousseau - Design & web

Ian Gregory - Photo & video

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